Definition of Term Advance B

  1. Term Advance B means the principal amount of the borrowing of a portion of the Total Term Loan Commitments to be made available to the Borrower to refinance the Existing Indebtedness relating to the Advance B Ships pursuant to Existing Facility Agreement B and for general corporate purposes.

Examples of Term Advance B in a sentence

  1. Any reborrowing of the Revolving Credit Facility shall be available for general corporate purposes only;(c)an Incremental Credit Facility in up to four Advances in an aggregate amount of up to $72,000,000;(d)the amount of Term Advance A shall not exceed the lower of (i) $200,000,000 less, if Term Advance B has been drawn prior to or will be drawn simultaneously with Term Advance A, Term Advance B; and (ii) 40 per cent.