Definition of Term Additional Agreement

Term Additional Agreement means any agreement designated by the Borrower as a "Term Additional Agreement" pursuant to Sections 5.3(f) and 8.3(b); provided that, at the Borrower's election, if any Term Additional Agreement is refinanced, replaced, defeased or refunded, the agreement governing such refinancing, replacement, defeasance or refunding shall not be a "Term Additional Agreement" for purposes of this Agreement unless the Borrower so elects to designate such new agreement as a "Term Additional Agreement" at the time of such refinancing, replacement, defeasance or refunding.
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Examples of Term Additional Agreement in a sentence

Nothing in this section shall amend, modify or otherwise affect the confidentiality obligations of the ABL Agent and the ABL Lenders under the ABL Credit Agreement and of the Term Loan Agents and the Term Loan Lenders under the Term Loan Agreement or any Term Additional Agreement.
Each Other Term Loan Agent represents and warrants, by its signature to its Intercreditor Joinder Agreement, to the other parties hereto that (a) it is authorized under its Term Additional Agreement to enter into this Agreement and (b) this Agreement is binding upon the Term Loan Lenders under such Other Term Loan Agent's applicable Term Additional Agreement.