Definition of Term A-2 Loan Facility

Term A-2 Loan Facility means, at any time, the seven-year term loan facility established pursuant to the Term A-2 Loan Commitments (including any incremental term loan facility established with respect thereto pursuant to Section 2.17).

Examples of Term A-2 Loan Facility in a sentence

Facility means bothany or eitherall of the TermClosing Date Term Facility, Term A-1 Loan Facility, Term A-2 Loan Facility or the Revolving Credit Facility, as the context may require.
The US Borrower shall repay to the Term A-2 Loan Lenders an amount equal to $0 on the last Business Day of each March, June, September and December, beginning on the first such date to occur after the Closing Date, which amount for any such payment date shall be adjusted to reflect prepayments made pursuant to Section 2.05 and any increase in the principal amount of the Term A-2 Loan Facility pursuant to Section 2.14.