Definition of TERI Guaranty Agreement

TERI Guaranty Agreement means, with a respect to a Student Loan Program, a guaranty agreement between a Seller and TERI, together with the acknowledgment by TERI relating thereto. On the Closing Date, the TERI Guarantee Agreements shall be as listed on Schedule B to the Indenture.
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Examples of TERI Guaranty Agreement in a sentence

A-26 96 "Student Loan Guarantors" means (i) any guaranty agency under the Higher Education Act providing guarantees with respect to Financed Student Loans that are originated in compliance with the Federal Student Loan Program, (ii) TERI, in its capacity as guarantor under the TERI Guaranty Agreement, and (iii) Orion Specialty or Guaranty National, as applicable, in their capacity as insurer under a TuitionGard Policy.