Definition of TERI

TERI means The Education Resources Institute, Inc., a Massachusetts non-profit corporation, or its successors and assigns.
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Examples of TERI in a sentence

In certain cases, TERI has amended the MLGA to reduce TERI's beneficial interest in return for increased administrative fees from the Trusts.
TERI continues to be a provider of student loan guarantee services and education information and counseling services, including those services performed by HEIC.
The consolidated financial statements include the accounts of TERI and TFSI.
Under the terms of the Master Loan Guarantee Agreement (MLGA), TERI is a 25% beneficial owner of the residual value of TERI guaranteed loans held in Trusts created by FMC.
FMER provides to TERI, under a master servicing agreement, services including loan origination, customer service, default prevention, default processing, and administrative services.