Definition of Teradata Business

Teradata Business means: (a) the business and operations of NCR and its Subsidiaries relating to the enterprise analytics and data warehousing business; (b) except as otherwise expressly provided herein, any terminated, divested or discontinued businesses or operations that at the time of termination, divestiture or discontinuation primarily related to the Teradata Business as then conducted, and (c) any terminated, divested, discontinued or other businesses or operations listed on Schedule 1.58.

Examples of Teradata Business in a sentence

NCR shall keep Teradata informed in a timely manner regarding such Tax Contests to the extent relating to the Teradata Business, the Teradata Group or the assets transferred to Teradata pursuant to the Transactions insofar as such Tax Contests would reasonably be expected to affect the Teradata Group.
Active Trade or Business means the active conduct (within the meaning of Section 355(b) of the Code and the regulations thereunder) by Teradata of the Teradata Business.