Definition of Terabeam

Terabeam means Terabeam, Inc., a Delaware corporation which owns all of the outstanding stock of Seller.

Examples of Terabeam in a sentence

Each of Seller and Terabeam is duly authorized to execute and deliver this Agreement and the Transaction Documents to be executed and delivered by it before or at the Closing.
Symbol has granted a license to Terabeam under certain Symbol Patents; the consideration provided by Terabeam is valued by Symbol at an amount no less than a royalty rate of six percent (6%) for the '183 patent together with the '441 patent, and an additional three percent (3%) for the '449 patent; and such consideration includes quarterly payments, the assignment of certain Terabeam patents and patent applications to Symbol and a grant of a license to certain Terabeam Patents to Symbol.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, the parties in any case may state that the Terabeam Action has been settled and that certain rights and obligations have been exchanged between the parties and each Party may issue a press release relating to this Agreement subject to prior written approval by the other Party to the Agreement, such approval not to be unreasonably withheld.
At the reasonable request of the other Party, Terabeam and Symbol hereby agree to place upon each of the respective Terabeam Licensed Products and Symbol Licensed Products, appropriate patent notices consistent with the reasonable practices of each Party.
Each of Seller and Terabeam has full power and authority to execute and deliver, and to consummate all transactions contemplated by, this Agreement and the other documents referred to herein to be delivered at the Closing as contemplated by this Agreement (the "Transaction Documents") to which Seller or Terabeam is a party.