Definition of Tennessee Property

Tennessee Property means the applicable Individual Property owned by TN Borrower.
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Examples of Tennessee Property in a sentence

Mal.; A&H; WC; Other Liability; Surety South Carolina Property; Casualty (includes WC); A&H 85 COMPANY STATES LICENSED TYPE OF INSURANCE ------- --------------- ----------------- South Dakota (2) Health; (5) WC; (6) Bodily Injury; (7) Property Damage (no Auto) Tennessee Property; Casualty (includes WC) Texas Liability other than Auto.; A&H; Reinsurance (Direct Line) Utah Liability; Professional Liability; Disability; WC Virginia Fire; Misc.
South Carolina Accident & health, Property, Casualty, Surety, Marine Tennessee Property, Casualty, Vehicle, Surety Virginia Liability other than Auto West Virginia Accident & Sickness, Fire, marine, Casualty, Surety Wisconsin Fire, Inland Marine & Other Property, Ocean Marine, Liability & Incidental Medical Expense, Automobile & Aircraft, Fidelity, 88 COMPANY STATES LICENSED TYPE OF INSURANCE ------- --------------- ----------------- Surety.
This Agreement shall take effect immediately upon the purchase of either or both the Tennessee Property and the Indiana Property, and shall terminate upon delivery by AHP of the notice referred to in the immediately following sentence.
Most recent documentation of financials - FAME and Bank Loan Approval Tennessee Property- Ownership documentation Call Option Contract (2014) Foundation Commitments Individual Commitments - List of Donors and Pledges 4.
Upon the occurrence and during the continuance of an Event of Default, Borrower shall deposit with Lender on the next Monthly Payment Date and on each Monthly Payment Date thereafter an amount equal to $3,791.12 for the Missouri Property, $138.89 for the New Hampshire Property, $413.50 for the Tennessee Property and $2,216.93 for the Colorado Property] (collectively, the "Replacement Reserve Monthly Deposit") for the Replacements.