Definition of Tennessee Deed of Trust

Tennessee Deed of Trust means that certain Deed of Trust, Assignment of Rents, Security Agreement and Fixture Filing dated December 18, 2013, recorded December 26, 2013 in Record Book 1268, Page 1000, Register's Office for Rutherford County, Tennessee, as amended from time to time, encumbering the Tennessee Property.

Examples of Tennessee Deed of Trust in a sentence

Jones, as Trustee, for the benefit of Bankers Trust Company recorded December 18, 1997 in Book 4997, at Page 172, Hamilton County Register of Deeds, as amended by that certain Amendment to Tennessee Deed of Trust with Security Agreement and Assignment of Rents and Leases Pegasus Broadcast Television, Inc.
Recording tax in the amount of $4,810.45 is being paid to the Register's Office of Davidson County, Tennessee in connection with the Tennessee Deed of Trust attached hereto.
Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in any of the Loan Documents, the Agent and each of the Lenders hereby consent to the sale of the Tennessee Property and the release and discharge of the Tennessee Deed of Trust, provided however, that the net cash proceeds of such sale are applied in accordance with the terms of the Agreement, as amended by this Amendment.