Definition of Tengram

Tengram means TCP WR Acquisition, LLC, a Purchaser hereunder.

Examples of Tengram in a sentence

For purposes hereof, the "Excluded Persons" shall mean William Sweedler, Tengram Capital Partners Gen2 Fund, L.P. and each of their respective Related Parties.
Messrs. Sweedler, Eby and Gersten have been appointed to the Board as Tengram's initial director designees.
If a vacancy is created on the Board as a result of the death, disability, retirement, resignation or removal of any Tengram Nominee, then Tengram shall have the right to designate such person's replacement, and the Board shall fill the vacancy caused by such death, disability, retirement, resignation or removal with the person so designated as the replacement.
Tengram covenants and agrees to vote its Common Stock (including Preferred Stock) and to take any other action reasonably requested by the Company to amend the Company's by-laws or certificate of incorporation so as to avoid any conflict with the provisions hereof.
The Company, Tengram and Dyne hereby acknowledge and agree that, as of the date of this Agreement, Dyne is hereby removed as a party to this Agreement and the Original Agreement and shall have no further rights or obligations hereunder or thereunder.