Definition of Tenders WA

Tenders WA means the Government's electronic medium providing direct access to Government contracting information, including early tender advice to suppliers, advertising of tenders, electronic tender lodgement and award of Government contracts valued at $50,000 and above.
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Examples of Tenders WA in a sentence

If the details of these potential respondents are not recorded in Tenders WA, they will not receive any addenda to the Request.
Reporting via Tenders WA can only be achieved if the system is updated by Department of Finance to enable this reporting obligation to be met by agencies.
We strongly recommend that potential respondents to your Request are only able to source your Request through Tenders WA.
In addition, the policy allows Accountable Authorities to: Approve the naming of a proprietary product; Approve a contract period greater than five years; Approve an advertising period less than ten days; and Where to do so represents operational risk, choose not to publish contract award details on Tenders WA.
In the case of larger Requests, it is considered best practice to provide potential suppliers with adequate notice through the Early Tender Advice facility on the Tenders WA system (