Definition of Tendered Warrants

Tendered Warrants means up to 3,750,000 warrants held by the public following the Company's IPO that are purchased by Cowen, Wright, and the Sponsor in connection with a tender offer following the Company's announcement of an Business Combination as described in the Registration Statement.
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Examples of Tendered Warrants in a sentence

Such Warrantholder's Tendered Warrants are beneficially owned and owned of record by such Warrantholder.
On behalf of certain beneficial owners, each of whose Warrants have been, or will be, transferred to the Warrant Agent in accordance with the provisions of the Representations Letter relating to the Warrants, we hereby irrevocably exercise Warrants (the "Tendered Warrants").
The Valuation Date of the Tendered Warrants was the close of business on ____________ in New York City.
Such Warrantholder has good and valid title to the Tendered Warrants, free and clear of any liens, claims or encumbrances that would prevent such Warrantholder from tendering the Tendered Warrants in accordance with this Agreement or complying with its other obligations under this Agreement.
Such Warrantholder has and will have at all times through the Offer Period sole voting and dispositive power with respect to all of the Tendered Warrants and will be entitled to vote and dispose of all of the Tendered Warrants.