Definition of Tendered Warrants

Tendered Warrants means up to 3,750,000 warrants held by the public following the Company's IPO that are purchased by Cowen, Wright, and the Sponsor in connection with a tender offer following the Company's announcement of an Business Combination as described in the Registration Statement.

Examples of Tendered Warrants in a sentence

We hereby confirm that the aggregate Cash Settlement Value of the Tendered Warrants is $_____________ ($_____ per Warrant), which will be made available to you by wire transfer to the bank account designated in your Exercise Notice for payment on the fifth Business Day following the Valuation Date for such Warrants.
Any Holder as to itself only (but not with respect to the other Holders) may withdraw all of such Holder's Tendered Warrants from the Exchange on or prior to April 9, 2010.
Each Holder acknowledges and agrees that upon the issuance and acceptance of the Exchanged Securities issued pursuant to this Section 1, the original certificates evidencing its Tendered Warrants will be deemed cancelled.
Accordingly, for purposes hereof, all such Warrants shall constitute Tendered Warrants.
On behalf of certain beneficial owners, each of whose Warrants have been, or will be, transferred to the Warrant Agent in accordance with the provisions of the Representations Letter relating to the Warrants, we hereby irrevocably exercise Warrants (the "Tendered Warrants").