Definition of Tender Offer Price

Tender Offer Price means the total consideration paid by Purchaser to the holders of the Remaining Shares of the Preferred Stock to acquire the Remaining Shares of the Preferred Stock validly tendered and not withdrawn pursuant to the Tender Offer. The Tender Offer Price shall include any amounts withheld by Purchaser pursuant to Section 7.17.

Examples of Tender Offer Price in a sentence

Purchaser has sufficient funds to consummate the Transactions, including, without limitation, payment for acquiring the Junior Preferred Stock owned by the Key Junior Preferred Stockholders, and payment of the Tender Offer Price, the 12% Senior Notes Cash Payments, the First Tranche Price, the Second Tranche Price and the Additional Returns.
Based on such determination, Enersis Americas committed to conduct the Offers at the Tender Offer Price.
We expect Ch$145,389 million will be required to purchase the Shares and ADSs in the U.S. Offer if the U.S. Offer is fully subscribed at the Tender Offer Price of Ch$300 per Share or Ch$9,000 per ADS, of which approximately Ch$873 million will be required to pay related professional fees and expenses.
The Tender Offer Price was determined in response to request by certain Chilean minority shareholders of Endesa Chile and represents an increase of approximately 20% over the initial proposed tender offer price.
The Tender Offer Price establishes a minimum value that holders of Endesa Americas shares and Endesa Americas ADSs would be assured of obtaining if they preferred a cash alternative to the consideration to be provided in the Merger.