Definition of Tender Offer Payment

Tender Offer Payment means any payment of principal or interest pursuant to a tender offer, redemption or other purchase, prepayment or defeasance prior to their stated maturity of amounts outstanding under any the notes issued pursuant to the Indentures (other than a Market Order Payment), together with any tender offer, redemption, purchase price or prepayment premiums, make-whole payments, accelerated fees and other prepayment charges required to be paid in connection therewith and any legal fees, financial advisory fees and other transaction costs incurred by the Borrower in connection therewith.

Examples of Tender Offer Payment in a sentence

Subject to the proration and reallocation procedure set forth in Schedule 2.1 or any other provision hereof, each Holder shall have received the Cash Tender Offer Payment Amount set forth opposite such Holder's name on the Allocation Notice (which amount shall be equal to fifty point sixty-five percent (50.65%) of the amount of the Adjusted Principal Amount of Existing Bank Debt of such Holder exchanged in the Cash Tender Offer).
The principal amount of each Holder's Long-Term Dollar LIBOR Notes, Long-Term Dollar Fixed Rate Notes, Medium-Term Dollar LIBOR Notes, Medium-Term Dollar Fixed Rate Notes, Subordinated Dollar LIBOR Notes, Subordinated Dollar Fixed Rate Notes, Preferred Shares (or Preferred Shares and the cash equivalent, if any), BODEN Tender Offer Exchange Amounts and Cash Tender Offer Payment Amounts are set forth in the table below.
Upon the terms and subject to satisfaction or waiver of the conditions contained in this Agreement, the closing of the transaction contemplated by this Agreement (the Closing) will take place on the first business day following the date (the Tender Offer Payment Date) on which Buyer accepts for payment any shares of Genencor Common Stock tendered pursuant to the Tender Offer.