Definition of Tender Costs

Tender Costs means the fees, costs and expenses, in an aggregate amount not to exceed $66,200,000, payable by Regal Cinemas Bonds Corporation in connection with the Tender Offer (including consent fees payable in connection therewith).

Examples of Tender Costs in a sentence

The Shareholders shall be responsible for seventy-five percent (75%) of the after-tax cost (using Briggs's then effective tax rate) of all fees, expenses and other out-of-pocket costs incurred in connection with any Tender Offer, including without limitation any "Consent Payment" or similar payment provided for in the Tender Offer documentation ("Tender Costs"), and Briggs shall be responsible for twenty-five percent (25%) of such after-tax Tender Costs.
All premiums and interest accruals related to the Notes, other than the Company Tender Costs, and all costs, fees and expenses incurred in connection with the Tender Offers or payments made in connection therewith, including payments made to the investment banking firm managing such tender, and legal and accounting fees and expenses incurred in connection therewith, shall be paid by Parent (all such costs, fees and expenses to be borne by Parent under this Section 7.12, the Parent Tender Costs).