Definition of Tenant's Works

Tenant's Works means such works as the Tenant may require to carry out in connection with the use and enjoyment of the Premises under the Lease and for which it has obtained Landlord's Consent under the Lease.

Examples of Tenant's Works in a sentence

The Tenant must carry out the Tenants Works at its expense to reasonable trade standards approved by the Landlord.
Tenant's works" - all the adjustment works for the Leased Property for the purpose of the lease, in according to the specifications of the Tenant's Works and the details of the contents, and subject to any changes and/or amendments that shall be done in them according to this agreement.
All other types of the Tenant's Works shall be carried by contractors as approved in writing by the Landlord, such approval not to be unreasonably withheld Provided always that the Landlord shall not in any way be responsible or liable for the works carried out by or the performance of such designated or approved contractors.
Pending resolution of any Dispute pursuant to this clause 12, the Landlord must not cease or suspend the Landlords Works and the Tenant must not cease or suspend the Tenants Works.
Tenant shall carry out and complete the Tenant's Works within 30 months of the Access Date.