Definition of Tenants Trade Name

Tenants Trade Name means DTLR.

Tenants Trade Name means Malibu Club Tan Term means the period commencing at 12:01 a.m. of the Commencement Date and expiring at midnight of the Expiration Date.

Examples of Tenants Trade Name in a sentence

During all portions of the Lease Term when Tenant is leasing from Landlord all of the rentable space in the Building, Tenants Trade Name and logo (depicted using the same size lettering as is being used on the date this Lease is executed for building monument sign exposure for tenants in other multi-story, single-tenant buildings in the Business Park, provided Tenants Trade Name may use lettering in Tenants logo style) shall be included on the Building Monument Sign.
Tenant shall use the Premises for the Permitted Use, under Tenants Trade Name, and for no other purpose and under no other name.
Tenants Trade Name: CARROLLTON BANK Leased Premises: Those premises located in the Shopping Center, currently consisting of the Ground Leased Premises together with Tenants improvements constructed thereon as well as the In-Line Leased Premises (collectively, the Leased Premises) crosshatched on Exhibit A attached hereto and made part hereof.
Such business will be advertised as and operated under the Tenants Trade Name or such other trade name as may be applicable to the other restaurant concepts which are included in the Permitted Use.
Tenant shall not use or permit or suffer the use of the Leased Premises for any business or purpose or under any other trade name other than the Permitted Uses set forth at Section 1.11 above and Tenants Trade Name set forth in Section 1.12 above or under such other name as is used by Tenant for a majority of its stores, including all of its stores in the Pacific Northwest (defined as Northern California, Oregon and Washington), without the prior written consent of Landlord.