Definition of Tenant's Submeters

Tenant's Submeters means the electric submeters (if any) installed by Landlord throughout the Premises, at Tenant's cost, and any additional electric submeters which may be installed in accordance with Section 5.02(a).
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Examples of Tenant's Submeters in a sentence

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, in no event shall any Building Systems (other than any air-conditioning units and domestic water heaters that exclusively service the Premises) be on Tenants Submeters; it being understood and agreed that other than has otherwise heretofore expressly set forth, Landlord shall, at its sole cost and expense, pay all electrical charges relating to the use of Building Systems.
Tenant's Submeter(s) initially measuring Tenant's Base Electricity shall be installed by Landlord, at its expense, on or prior to the date that is six (6) weeks after the date that Tenant shall have installed its electrical panels in each of the Premises Floor Electrical Closets.
Such initial Tenant's Submeters shall be installed by Tenant as part of the Initial Alterations.
Consistent with the foregoing, if Tenant's Submeter(s) measuring Tenant's Supplemental Electricity are not installed on or prior to the Supplemental Meter Outside Date, then, for the period commencing on the day after the Supplemental Meter Outside Date and ending with the installation of such Tenant Submeter(s), Tenant shall not be charged for drawing Tenant's Supplemental Electricity from the Designated 20th Floor Electrical Panels.
At Tenants request, Landlord shall provide to Tenant a summary of the meter readings for each of Tenants Submeters and a copy of Landlords bill for the entire Building (other than portions of the Building receiving direct electric service) from the applicable utility company for the purpose of permitting Tenant to confirm Landlords charges for electricity.