Definition of Tenant's Square Footage

Tenant's Square Footage means 117,201 rentable square feet; Total Square Footage of the Building shall mean 128,240 rentable square feet.

Examples of Tenant's Square Footage in a sentence

In such event, Base Rent shall abate in the ratio that the portion of Tenants Square Footage taken or sold bears to Tenants Square Footage.
In consideration to Tenants occupancy of the Tenants Square Footage, Tenant shall be permitted to: a. Allow, within the Premises, certain domesticated pets, with prior approval from Landlord which approval may be reasonably withheld.
Paragraph 1.1d of the Lease is hereby amended as of the Third Additional Space Commencement Date to increase Tenants Square Footage to 4,705 Rentable Square Feet.
Section 1.1(d) of the Lease is hereby amended, as of the Expansion Commencement Date, to provide that the Tenants Square Footage is 6,475 Rentable Square Feet.