Definition of Tenant's Square Footage

Tenant's Square Footage means 117,201 rentable square feet; Total Square Footage of the Building shall mean 128,240 rentable square feet.

Examples of Tenant's Square Footage in a sentence

In such event, Base Rent shall abate in the ratio that the portion of Tenant's Square Footage taken or sold bears to Tenant's Square Footage.
Tenant acknowledges that Landlord's sole monetary obligation is to pay the costs attributable to the construction of the Leasehold Improvements, up to an aggregate maximum limit of $20.00 per square foot of Tenant's Square Footage (the "Allowance"), and Tenant shall pay all other costs of the construction of the Leasehold improvements in excess of the Allowance ("Tenant's Share").
ARTICLE SEVEN LANDLORD'S RESERVED RIGHTS 7SUBSTITUTE PREMISES: Landlord shall have the right at any time, upon giving Tenant 60 days written notice, to relocate at Landlord's expense the Leased Premises on any floor of the Building or elsewhere in the Project, provided that Tenant's Square Footage shall be approximately the same.
Tenant's Square Footage is a stipulated amount based on Landlord's method of determining Total Square Footage for rental purposes and may not reflect the actual amount of floor space available for Tenant's use.
Section1(d) of the Lease is hereby amended to reflect Tenant's Square Footage as 30,566 rentable square feet.