Definition of Tenants Share of Taxes

Tenants Share of Taxes means the Tenant's Share of the amount, if any, by which the Taxes during any 12-month period ending on the anniversary date of the Base Year exceed the Base Amount for Taxes.

Examples of Tenants Share of Taxes in a sentence

Thereafter, the monthly installments of Tenants Share of Taxes shall be appropriately adjusted in accordance with the estimations so that, by the end of the Tax Period in question, Tenant shall have paid all of Tenants Share of Taxes as estimated by Landlord.
Tenants Share of Expenses and Tenants Share of Taxes for any partial Expense Year shall be prorated based on the number of days in such Expense Year.
Landlord may estimate and re-estimate Tenants Share of Taxes and deliver a copy of the estimate or re-estimate to Tenant.
In addition to Base Rent, Tenant shall pay, in accordance with Section 4.4, for each Expense Year (defined in Section 4.2.1), an amount equal to the sum of (a) Tenants Share of Expenses for such Expense Year, plus (b) Tenants Share of Taxes for such Expense Year.
If the total of such remittances is less than Tenants Share of Taxes actually due for such Tax Period, Tenant shall pay the difference to Landlord, as additional rent hereunder, within thirty (30) days of Tenants receipt of an invoice therefor.