Definition of Tenant's Removable Property

Tenant's Removable Property means, collectively, (i) the Wi-Fi Network, (ii) Special Installations, (iii) Tenant's Property, and (iv) Tenant's License Property (as defined in Rider 1).
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Examples of Tenant's Removable Property in a sentence

Landlord shall not be responsible for the value, preservation or safekeeping of Tenants Removable Property.
Tenant shall repair damage caused by the installation or removal of Tenants Removable Property.
Any Tenant's Removable Property which shall remain in the Building or on the Premises after the expiration or termination of the Term of this Lease shall be deemed conclusively to have been abandoned, and either may be retained by Landlord as its property or may be disposed of in such manner as Landlord may see fit, at Tenant's sole cost and expense.
Tenant shall pay Landlord, upon demand, the expenses and storage charges incurred for Tenants Removable Property.
In the event this Lease is terminated prior to the Expiration Date, Tenants Removable Property (except for Special Installations designated by Landlord to remain in the Premises) shall be removed by Tenant on or before such earlier date of termination.