Definition of Tenant's Project Share

Tenant's Project Share means 0.70% (calculated by dividing Rentable Area in the Premises (4,430) by the Project Rentable Area (635,984)). Tenant's Project Share of Excess Project Expenses shall normally be computed by multiplying such percentage by Excess Project Expenses, but shall be subject to adjustment as a result of special allocations made pursuant to Section 5.2 and the provisions of Section 5.3. If the Rentable Area of the Premises is changed for any reason, Tenant's Project Share shall be modified by multiplying the percentage specified in this Paragraph (f) by a fraction, the numerator of which shall be the rentable area of the Premises after such change and the denominator of which shall be the rentable area of the Premises immediately before such change. If the rentable area of the Project is changed as a result of any cause not within Landlord's reasonable control (for instance, as a result of a reduction in area due to reconstruction following fire or the exercise or threatened exercise of the right of eminent domain), then Tenant's Project Share shall be recalculated by dividing the rentable area of the Premises after such occurrence by the rentable area of the entire Project after such occurrence.

Examples of Tenant's Project Share in a sentence

Tenants Project Share shall mean the percentage derived by the quotient of the Rentable Area of the Premises divided by the Rentable Area of the Project, which Landlord and Tenant acknowledge and agree shall be the percentage set forth in the Summary.
As used herein, the term Tenants Share shall mean Tenants Building Share or Tenants Project Share (as defined below), as applicable.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, Tenants Building Share and Tenants Project Share shall be subject to increase or reduction (in an amount Landlord shall, in good faith, determine), based upon any increase or reduction in the Rentable Area of the Building and/or the Project.
In the event the Project is developed in a manner which results in separate legal parcels comprising some or all of the Common Areas, then with respect to those Common Area parcels, Real Property Taxes shall be calculated using Tenants Project Share (as opposed to Tenants Building Share).
Landlord shall provide Tenant, at no additional cost to Tenant (other than as an Operating Expense of the Project as provided for below), with the number of parking spaces (the Parking Allotment) derived by multiplying Tenants Project Share, as defined in Section 4.05(b), by the total number of parking spaces, from time to time, in the Project Common Area.