Definition of Tenant's Permittees

Tenant's Permittees means and includes Tenant, Tenant's employees, licensees, contractors, subcontractors, representatives, agents, officers, partners, directors, subtenants, sub-subtenants and invitees. (d)

Examples of Tenant's Permittees in a sentence

Tenant shall not cause or permit any Hazardous Substance to be Handled in, upon, under or about the Premises (or any part thereof) or any part of the Property by Tenant's Permittees without the prior written consent of Landlord.
Tenant and Tenant's agents, contractors, customers, directors, employees, invitees, officers, and patrons (collectively, "Tenant's Permittees" and individually, a "Tenant Permittee") have a non-exclusive privilege and license, during the Lease Term, to use the non-restricted Common Areas in common with all other authorized users thereof.
Tenant shall keep the Premises, Building, and the Land free from any and all liens arising out of any work performed, material furnished, or other obligations incurred due to the actions of Tenant or Tenant's Permittees or the failure of Tenant to comply with any law.
Nothing contained herein shall be deemed to create liability upon Landlord for any damage to motor vehicles of Tenant or Tenant's Permittees, or from loss of property from within such motor vehicles while parked in the Automobile Parking Areas.
Without in any way diminishing or waiving the limitations on and obligations of Tenant set forth in this Article, if Tenant's Permittees Handle Hazardous Substances in, upon, under or about the Premises, such Handling shall be done in full compliance with all Laws.