Definition of Tenants Parties

Tenants Parties means agents customers visitors invitees licensees contractors assignees of the Tenant sub-tenants of the Tenant and any persons allowed by the Tenant on the Premises as the case may be from time to time

Examples of Tenants Parties in a sentence

Tenant shall be liable for any and all conditions covered hereby, and for all costs relating thereto, that are caused or created by any or all of Tenant and any or all of Tenants Parties.
Upon the expiration or earlier termination of this Lease, Tenant agrees to promptly remove from the Premises, the Building and the Project, at its sole cost and expense, any and all Hazardous Materials, including any equipment or systems containing Hazardous Materials which are installed, brought upon, stored, used, generated or released upon, in, under or about the Premises, the Building and/or the Project or any portion thereof by Tenant or any of Tenants Parties.
Provided that any damage to either or both of the Property and the Premises is not caused by, or is not the result of acts or omissions by, any or all of Tenant and Tenants Parties, if (a) the Property is damaged by fire or other casualty thereby causing the Premises to be inaccessible or (b) the Premises are partially damaged by fire or other casualty, the Rent shall be proportionally abated to the extent of any actual loss of use of the Premises by Tenant.
Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Section 16.1, all property of Tenant and Tenants Parties kept or stored on the Premises, whether leased or owned by any such parties, shall be so kept or stored at the sole risk of Tenant and Tenant shall hold Landlord harmless from any claims arising out of damage to the same, including subrogation claims by Tenants insurance carriers.
Tenant agrees to maintain in strict confidence the economic terms of this Lease and any or all other materials, data and information delivered to or received by any or all of Tenant and Tenants Parties either prior to or during the Term in connection with the negotiation and execution hereof.