Definition of Tenant's Parking Spaces

Tenant's Parking Spaces means 3.7 per 1,000 square feet, unassigned, non-reserved parking spaces in the Building's parking facilities.
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Examples of Tenant's Parking Spaces in a sentence

Landlord does not intend to restrict or designate the location of Tenants Parking Spaces.
All vehicles using Tenants Parking Spaces shall prominently display identification stickers or other markers, and/or have passes or keycards for ingress and egress, as may be required and provided by Landlord or its parking operator from time to time.
However, Landlord reserves the right to designate the location of Tenants Parking Spaces in Landlords reasonable discretion.
Tenant will pay Parking Rent for the use of Tenant's Parking Spaces.
The Parking Spaces initially will not be separately identified; however Landlord reserves the right in its reasonable discretion to separately identify by signs or other markings the area where Tenants Parking Spaces will be located.