Definition of Tenants Leasehold Improvements

Tenants Leasehold Improvements means all leasehold improvements: made to the Leased Premises which are other than the Landlords Work and includes the Tenants Fit-Up and the Work.
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Examples of Tenants Leasehold Improvements in a sentence

Landlord shall be available, and cause its subcontractors and architect to be reasonably available, to Tenant or Tenant's Architect from time to time, on reasonable prior notice, as necessary or desirable to review the Base Building Work, Tenant's Leasehold Improvements, Landlord's Work and Tenant's Work.
Upon reasonable prior notice of any such meeting to Landlord's Representative, Landlord's Representative shall cause the attendance thereat of representatives of the General Contractor and all major subcontractors having influence on the scheduling or cost of Tenant's Leasehold Improvements.
Landlord and Tenant shall mutually agree upon a general contractor ("General Contractor") for construction of Tenant's Leasehold Improvements.
At Tenant's option, exercised by written notice to Landlord on or before the date Tenant submits to Landlord Tenant's Preliminary Space Plans, Tenant may require that the construction of Tenant's Leasehold Improvements be performed under a construction contract awarded to a general contractor selected pursuant to bids received from not less than three (3) general contractors reasonably approved by Landlord and Tenant.
Landlord and General Contractor shall enter into a contract for construction of Tenant's Leasehold Improvements (the "Construction Contract").