Definition of Tenant's Initial Alteration Work

Tenant's Initial Alteration Work means Alterations to be performed in the Premises in order to prepare the same for Tenant's initial occupancy thereof;

Examples of Tenant's Initial Alteration Work in a sentence

If and so long as Tenant is not in default under the Lease, subject to and in accordance with the provisions of this Article, Landlord shall contribute up to the sum of $355,880.00 ("Landlord's Contribution") to the cost of labor and materials for the portion of the Tenant's Initial Alteration Work which constitutes Qualified Renovations.
Landlord hereby agrees that, to the extent required by the Declaration, Landlord shall promptly and diligently obtain any approvals or consents required under the Declaration and necessary for Tenants construction of any Alterations in the Premises, from time to time, including the Tenants Initial Alteration Work.
Landlord's costs and expenses for reviewing plans and specifications and inspecting Alterations for the Tenant's Initial Alteration Work shall not exceed $5,000 in the aggregate and Landlord shall not impose any additional construction supervision fee.
Notwithstanding the foregoing and anything to the contrary set forth in the Alteration Rules and Regulations set forth as Exhibit D, Tenant shall be entitled to forty-five (45) hours of overtime freight elevator service free of charge in connection with Tenant's Initial Alteration Work (as hereinafter defined) and move-in to the Premises.
Calnan & Associates as Tenants contractor in connection with Tenants Initial Alteration Work.