Definition of Tenants Hazardous Materials

Tenants Hazardous Materials means any Hazardous Materials resulting from the Environmental Activity by Tenant or any of Tenants Agents.

Examples of Tenants Hazardous Materials in a sentence

Tenant shall in all respects handle, treat, deal with and manage any and all Tenants Hazardous Materials in total conformity with all Environmental Laws and prudent industry practices regarding management of such Hazardous Materials.
Tenant acknowledges and agrees that all reporting and warning obligations required under the Hazardous Materials Laws with respect to Tenants Hazardous Materials Activity are the sole responsibility of Tenant, whether or not such Hazardous Materials Laws permit or require Landlord to provide such reporting or warnings, and Tenant shall be solely responsible for complying with such Hazardous Materials Laws regarding the disclosure of, the presence or danger of Tenants Hazardous Materials Activity.
Tenant acknowledges that Landlord, as the owner of the Property, shall have the sole right at its election and at Tenants expense, to negotiate, defend, approve and appeal any action taken or order issued with regard to Tenants Hazardous Materials by any applicable governmental authority.
Tenant shall also immediately notify Landlord if Tenant knows or has reason to believe Tenants Hazardous Materials have or will be released in or about the Premises.
Except to the extent required by any governmental authority having jurisdiction over the Premises or Tenants use or occupancy thereof, including without limitation Tenants Hazardous Materials Activity, Tenant shall not perform or cause to be performed, any Hazardous Materials surveys, studies, reports or inspection, relating to the Premises without obtaining Landlords advance written consent, which consent may be withheld in Landlords sole discretion.