Definition of Tenant's Environmental Matters

Tenant's Environmental Matters means any Hazardous Substance released or utilized by Tenant in connection with the operation of its automobile dealership during the term of the Existing Lease or this Lease.
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Examples of Tenant's Environmental Matters in a sentence

Tenant agrees to indemnify, defend (in a diligent manner with counsel reasonably acceptable to Tenant) and hold Landlord harmless from and against all Claims and Damages which Landlord may incur to the extent resulting from the Tenant's Environmental Matters.
This Section does not apply to matters within the scope of Tenant's indemnity or otherwise arising out of or related to Tenant's Environmental Matters under Article XX (Environmental Matters).
The GE Contamination is not included in either Landlord's Environmental Matters or Tenant's Environmental Matters, but Landlord and its environmental consultants will, at Landlord's cost, continue to monitor the related remediation activities and keep Tenant informed of the status of the remediation as provided for in Section 20.04.