Definition of Tenant's Costs

Tenant's Costs means reasonable expenses incurred in connection with any assignment or subletting that shall include, but not be limited to, brokerage fees, attorneys' fees and disbursements, advertising costs, reasonable concessions to the assignee or sublessee, including, without limitation, free rent or work contributions to the assignee or subtenant, and the costs incurred in connection with alterations, decorations and installations made by Tenant pursuant to its subject assignment or sublease to prepare the Premises for occupancy by the assignee or sublessee. Tenant shall submit to Landlord receipts evidencing the payment of such Tenant Costs, or other proof of payment as Landlord shall reasonably require.

Examples of Tenant's Costs in a sentence

Tenant shall pay the portion of such progress payments attributable to Tenant's Costs to Landlord within ten (10) days of delivery of statements from Landlord to Tenant therefor.
Landlord shall be entitled to suspend or terminate construction of the Base Building Improvements and to declare Tenant in default in accordance with the terms of the Lease, if payment by Tenant to Landlord of Tenant's Costs has not been received as required hereunder.
Tenant's failure to pay any portion of Tenant's Costs when due shall constitute a default under the Lease (subject to any applicable notice requirements or grace periods), entitling Landlord to all of its remedies thereunder.
For example purposes only, if any such entitlements provide for the waiver by a governmental authority of a quantifiable amount regarding any construction-related fees or costs that would otherwise have been incurred by Landlord in the construction of the Project had Tenant not obtained the applicable entitlement, then Tenant shall be entitled to a credit against Tenants Costs (as hereinafter defined) in the amount that Landlord would otherwise have incurred.
The Construction Budget shall be used as a basis for calculating Tenant's Costs, as hereinafter defined, if any.