Definition of Tenants Building Signage

Tenants Building Signage means any and all Building Signage (i) installed or maintained by Tenant (or at its instance), and (ii) displaying the name, identity, logo and/or graphics of (x) Tenant (and/or any of its Affiliates) or (y) any Tenant Party (and/or any of its Affiliates).
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Examples of Tenants Building Signage in a sentence

The cost of Premises Signage and Building Signage shall be Tenants sole responsibility, including: (i) the cost of installation and electrical connections thereto, (ii) the cost of reasonable periodic maintenance, (iii) the cost of removal upon the termination of the Lease, and (iv) the cost of repairing or repainting any visible impairment to the Building resulting from the installation or removal of Tenants Building Signage.
Subject to compliance with all applicable laws, ordinances and governmental approvals (the compliance with which, including the procurement of all necessary permits and licenses, is Tenants responsibility), Tenant shall have the right to install, at Tenants sole cost and expense, Tenants name on the exterior facade of the Buildings (Tenants Building Signage) in accordance with the location(s), size, color, design, material, content, lighting and other characteristics to be reasonably approved by Landlord.
At Tenants sole cost and expense, Tenant shall maintain Tenants Building Signage in good condition, subject to Landlords reasonable approval as to Tenants maintenance plan and implementation.
Landlord hereby approves the design of the initial Tenants Building Signage described on Exhibit F attached hereto, and Landlord shall not unreasonably withhold its consent to the proposed size and other characteristics of Tenants Building Signage so long as such proposed signage is substantially similar to Tenants existing signage for the Original Premises.
At the expiration or earlier termination of this Lease or termination of Tenants sign rights as provided below, Landlord shall, at Tenants sole cost and expense, cause the Building Signage to be removed and the area of the Building affected by the Building Signage to be restored to the condition existing prior to the installation of Tenants Building Signage.