Definition of Tenant's Architect

Tenant's Architect means a licensed architect selected and engaged by Tenant, which architect shall be subject to Landlord's prior approval, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.

Tenant's Architect means Veenendaal Cave."
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Tenant's Architect means HOK, L.P. Exhibit "D", Tenant Improvements Agreement - Page 1
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Tenant shall be solely responsible for the liabilities associated with and expenses of all architectural and engineering services relating to Tenant Work and for the adequacy, accuracy, and completeness of the Construction Documents even if approved by Landlord (and even if Tenants Architect has been otherwise engaged by Landlord in connection with the Building).
All Store Working Drawings and Specifications prepared by Tenant's Architect shall be submitted by Tenant, in the form of one set of reproducible sepia prints, specifications and three (3) sets of blueline prints to Landlord for approval within 21 days from receipt by Tenant of Landlord's written approval of Store Design Drawings.
Tenant shall engage an architect ("Tenant's Architect") registered in the State and licensed to do business in the County and the City in which The Project is located to prepare the Working Drawings and Specifications to be submitted for Landlord's approval.
In addition, Landlord shall assign a Tenant Coordinator(s) to work with Tenant and Tenant's Architect, Engineer and contractor for the design and construction of the Leased Premises.
Should Tenant and Tenant's Architect disagree with the calculation of Tenant Alteration Delay Days as hereinabove determined, then such disagreement shall be resolved pursuant to the provisions of Section 3.6 hereof.

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Tenant's Architect means HOK, L.P.
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Tenant's Architect means Earl Swenson Associates.
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