Definition of tenant-stockholder's proportionate share

tenant-stockholder's proportionate share means that proportion which the stock of the cooperative housing corporation owned by the tenant-stockholder is of the total outstanding stock of the corporation (including any stock held by the corporation). Section 216(b)(3)(B)(i) provides that if, for any taxable year: (I) each dwelling unit owned or leased by a cooperative housing corporation is separately allocated a share of such corporation's real estate taxes described in subsection (a)(1) or a share of such corporation's interest described in subsection (a)(2), and (II) such allocations reasonably reflect the cost to such corporation of such taxes, or of such interest, attributable to the tenant-stockholder's dwelling unit (and such unit's share of the common areas), then the term "tenant-stockholder's proportionate share" means the shares determined in accordance with the allocations described in subclause (II). Section 216(b)(3)(B)(ii) provides that SS 216(b)(3)(B)(i) shall apply with respect to any cooperative housing corporation only if such corporation elects its application. Such an election, once made, may be revoked only with the consent of the Secretary. Section 1.216-1(b) provides, in relevant part, that the deduction allowable under SS 216 shall not exceed the amount of the tenant-stockholder's proportionate share of the taxes and interest described therein. If a tenant-stockholder pays or incurs only a part of his proportionate share of such taxes and interest to the corporation, only the amount so paid or incurred which represents taxes and interest is allowable as a deduction under SS 216. If a tenant-stockholder pays an amount, or incurs an obligation for an amount, to the corporation on account of such taxes and interest and other items, such as maintenance, overhead expenses, and reduction of mortgage indebtedness, the PLR-142210-06