Definition of Tenant Requested Improvements

Tenant Requested Improvements means any and all buildings, Permanent Fixtures, improvements, material modifications, and/or structures of any type, size, or function on the Property that are not Standard Improvements and are erected at any time upon the written request of the Tenant.

Examples of Tenant Requested Improvements in a sentence

No adjustment to Rent for Tenant Requested Improvements shall be made until invoices are paid by Landlord related to such improvements.
Any and all Tenant Requested Improvements shall be requested in writing by the Tenant and, subject to the Landlords approval in writing of the making of such proposed Tenant Requested Improvements shall be completed (i) under the supervision of Landlord at the Tenants own cost and expense, (ii) by the Landlord or (iii) by a third party contractor identified by the Tenant after soliciting bids, and approved by Landlord in writing.
Subject to the requirements and covenants contained in the Section covering Tenant Requested Improvements herein, the Tenant shall not make any material alterations, additions, installations, repairs or improvements to the Property without the prior written consent of Landlord, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld.
Any and all amounts expended for the Tenant Requested Improvements by Landlord plus a Construction Development Fee to be agreed upon and attached to this Lease as Schedule 4.2 prior to construction by the Tenant and the Landlord in an amount relative to the type of the Tenant Requested Improvements, will be collected as Additional Rent as provided in Paragraph 5.2 hereof.
The Tenant shall have one hundred eighty (180) days after receipt of each invoice to deliver written notice to Landlord, in order to audit, at the Tenants expense, Landlords records related to the expenses associated with Tenant Requested Improvements causing an increase in Additional Rent for said invoice.