Definition of Tenant Major Event

Tenant Major Event means the occurrence of any of the following: (a)the commencement or occurrence (as applicable) of any Bankruptcy Action of Riot Games or any Successor Tenant (a "Tenant Bankruptcy Event"); or(b)the delivery by Riot Games or any Successor Tenant to Borrower or Manager (or any Affiliate of either of them) of a notice of termination pursuant to the Riot Games Lease or the applicable Lease with such Successor Tenant (a "Tenant Termination Notice Event"); or(c)Riot Games or any Successor Tenant vacating all or a Substantial Portion of its respective leased premises at the Property (a "Tenant Vacation Event").
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Examples of Tenant Major Event in a sentence

It is expressly understood and agreed by Borrower that in the event that any Cash Management Period is continuing as a result of any Cash Management Event other than a Tenant Major Event, all Remaining Available Cash on each Payment Date during such Cash Management Period shall be deposited in and remain in the Leasing Reserve Account and constitute Leasing Reserve Funds, even if the balance in the Leasing Reserve Account exceeds the Leasing Reserve Account Cap.