Definition of Tenant Improvement Plans

Tenant Improvement Plans means, as to each tenant under a lease, the plans prepared by the engineers and/or architects for such tenant of the Project under an Approved Lease and approved by Borrower and Borrower's Architect covering Tenant Improvement Work, to be certified by Borrower to the Administrative Agent and the Lenders as approved by the applicable tenant, Borrower, all required Governmental Authorities, and within the Budget and as approved by the Administrative Agent.
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Examples of Tenant Improvement Plans in a sentence

After final approval of the working drawings, no further changes to the Tenant Improvement Plans may be made without the prior written approval from both Landlord and Tenant, and then only after agreement by Tenant to pay any excess costs resulting from the design and/or construction of such changes.
The Tenant Improvement Plans and Specifications shall be prepared in sufficient detail to allow the General Contractor to construct the Tenant Improvements.
As used in this Lease, Tenant Improvements includes all improvements to the Building which are described in the Approved Tenant Improvement Plans.
After the Tenant Improvement Plans have been prepared and approved, the final pricing has been approved and a building permit for the Tenant Improvements has been issued, Landlord shall enter into a construction contract with its contractor for the installation of the Tenant Improvements in accordance with the Tenant Improvement Plans.
Landlord's review of the Tenant Improvement Plans as set forth in this Section 2, shall be for its sole purpose and shall not obligate Landlord to review the same, for quality, design, Code compliance or other like matters.