Definition of Tenant Improvement Plans

Tenant Improvement Plans means the plans prepared by the engineers and/or architects for Tenant Improvement Work under each Approved Lease and approved by Borrower and Borrower’s Architect, to be certified by Borrower to Administrative Agent and the Lenders as approved by the applicable tenant, Borrower, all required Governmental Authorities, and within the Budget and, to the extent any approval is required under the applicable lease, as reasonably approved by Administrative Agent.

Examples of Tenant Improvement Plans in a sentence

The Final Tenant Improvement Plans and Specifications shall be in accordance with all applicable laws ordinances and regulations of all duly constituted authorities and any improvements shall, if applicable, be subject to the approval of the SHPO and the National Park Service.
The Tenant Improvement Plans and Specifications may be amended and updated from time to time upon the prior written approval of the Landlord and the Tenant.
The initial plans, design and location of such Monument Sign shall be included in the Final Tenant Improvement Plans and Specifications (as defined in Section 10.1 of this Lease) for the Initial Tenant Improvements.
Once such revised Tenant Improvement Plans have been approved by Landlord, Landlord will resubmit a Prelminary Budget to Tenant in accordance with the provisions of this subesection (c).
Landlord and Tenant will attempt to agree on any and all final changes to be incorporated into the Tenant Improvement Plans within five (5) business days of Landlord’s receipt of the revised Tenant Improvement Plans or notice from Tenant that Tenant cannot, after using commercially reasonable efforts, incorporate some or all of Landlord’s requested changes.