Definition of Tenant Improvement Architect

Tenant Improvement Architect means Ai and all other architects, structural engineers, mechanical engineers, and other design professionals retained by Landlord and needed to design the Tenant Improvements, each of whom shall be duly licensed by the State of California and in good professional standing.
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Examples of Tenant Improvement Architect in a sentence

Except as noted on Schedule 1-B, the Tenant Performed Landlord Work shall be designed by the Tenant Improvement Architect selected pursuant to Section 2.C hereof and shall be reviewed and approved by Landlord as provided in such Section.
On or before the date specified in the Project Schedule, Tenant shall deliver to the Tenant Improvement Architect Tenants program/design requirements for the Tenant Improvements together with all information necessary to prepare a drawing or drawings to scale for the Tenant Improvements showing the proposed location of all walls, doors, plumbing fixtures, cabinets and floor treatments, the Preliminary Plans.
Developer shall act as Buyer's agent in managing the Tenant Improvements and processing invoices for the Tenant Improvement Architect and the Tenant Improvements Contractor, and Buyer shall compensate Seller with the Management Fee for such services.
Landlord hereby approves Kling Lindquist as the Tenant Improvement Architect, C2C Inc as the project/construction manager and The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company, Hitt Contracting and Gilbane Construction as potential general contractors for the Tenant Performed Landlord Work and the Tenant Work.
Landlord shall cause the Tenant Improvement Architect to prepare such Preliminary Plans for delivery to Tenant and Landlord for their written approval.