Definition of Tenant Improvement Agreement

Tenant Improvement Agreement means that certain tenant improvement agreement dated as of the date hereof between Landlord and Tenant attached hereto as Exhibit E and made a part hereof.
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Examples of Tenant Improvement Agreement in a sentence

Landlord shall cause the Premises to be completed in accordance with the Tenant Improvement Agreement attached as Appendix C.
See the Tenant Improvement Agreement attached hereto as Appendix C.
It is specifically understood and agreed that Landlord has made no representation or warranty to Tenant and has no obligation and has made no promises to alter, remodel, improve, renovate, repair or decorate the Premises, Building, or any part thereof and that no representations respecting the condition of the Premises or the Building have been made by Landlord to Tenant except as specifically set forth herein or in the Tenant Improvement Agreement.
Operating Expenses shall not include (i) depreciation on the Buildings and personal property, (ii) Tenant Costs (as defined in the Tenant Improvement Agreement), (iii) payments by Landlord of interest and principal on any mortgage secured by the Project or any portion thereof, (iv) the cost of special services rendered to a particular tenant of the Buildings, which are paid or reimbursed by such tenant, and (v) leasing commissions.
Tenant shall procure and maintain property insurance coverage for: (a) all office furniture, trade fixtures, office equipment, merchandise, and all other items of Tenant's property in, on, at, or about the Premises and the Building, including property installed by, for, or at the expense of Tenant; (b) "Tenant Improvements", as defined in the Tenant Improvement Agreement; and (c) all other improvements, betterment's, alterations, and additions to the Premises.