Definition of Tenant Extra Improvements

Tenant Extra Improvements means the Improvements, as defined in, and to be construction pursuant to, Exhibit B.
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Examples of Tenant Extra Improvements in a sentence

Although Tenant Extra Improvements become the property of Landlord upon installation, they are intended to be for the convenience of Tenant and are not intended to be a substitute for Rent or any part thereof.
All additions to or improvements of the Premises, whether of Building Standard Improvements or Tenant Extra Improvements, shall be and become the property of Landlord upon installation and shall be surrendered to Landlord upon termination of this Lease by lapse of time or otherwise, except as otherwise stated herein.
Tenant shall repair all damage caused by removal of Tenants movable equipment or furniture or the removal of any Tenant Extra Improvements or Alterations (as defined in Section 6.7) permitted or required by Landlord, all as provided in Section 6.13.
In instances where this Lease refers to Tenant Extra Improvements as a standard for the provision of services, maintenance, repair or replacement by Tenant or Landlord, such reference shall be to the difference in required services, maintenance, repairs or replacements between the Tenant Improvements as constructed in the Premises and the Building Standard Improvements, had the Building Standard Improvements been constructed in the Premises.
Landlord shall not seek the benefits of depreciation deductions or income tax credit allowances for federal or state income tax reporting purposes with respect to any Tenant Extra Improvements for which Tenant has fully reimbursed Landlord under this Section 4.05.