Definition of Tenant Estoppel

Tenant Estoppel means an estoppel in form and substance reasonably acceptable to Administrative Agent, to be completed, executed, dated and delivered by the applicable tenant to Administrative Agent (on behalf of the Lenders) and Borrower pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.

Examples of Tenant Estoppel in a sentence

Manager is hereby authorized to execute, on behalf of Company, any and all Service Contracts (hereinafter defined), Subordination and Non-Disturbance Agreements, Tenant Estoppel Certificates and Tenant Notices with respect to the Property, as well as notices, estoppels certificates and other documents relating to the Loan (hereafter defined) which are ministerial in nature.
The undersigned is authorized to execute this Tenant Estoppel Certificate on behalf of Tenant.
Tenant shall from time to time, within fifteen (15) days after request by Landlord and without charge, give a Tenant Estoppel Certificate in the form (or substantially the form) attached hereto as Exhibit "D" and containing such other matters as may be reasonably requested by Landlord to any person, firm or corporation specified by Landlord.
Each Tenant Estoppel Certificate shall be duly executed by the applicable Tenant thereof and each guarantor of the applicable Lease, if any.
On or before the Estoppel Delivery Deadline, Seller shall deliver to Buyer a fully completed and executed estoppel certificate from each of the Tenants (each, a Tenant Estoppel Certificate), each of which shall be dated effective no earlier than thirty (30) Calendar Days prior to the Closing Date.