Definition of Tenant Environmental Activity

Tenant Environmental Activity means (a) any use, treatment, keeping, handling, storage, transport, sale or Release at, on, under or from the Premises of any Hazardous Substance during the Term by Tenant or any Tenant Agent, or (b) the Exacerbation of any Pre-Existing Environmental Condition, as defined in Section 13.11, to the extent such Exacerbation is the result of, or is related to the acts or omissions of Tenant or Tenant's Agents, subtenants or invitees on or about the Premises during the Term.

Examples of Tenant Environmental Activity in a sentence

If the Environmental Audit identifies any such deficiency in compliance of the Premises with Environmental Requirements due to any Tenant Environmental Activity, then, within two-hundred seventy (270) days of the date of the Environmental Audit, Landlord may request a detailed review of the status of such violation by a consultant selected by Landlord (the "Supplemental Audit").
If Tenant uses Hazardous Substances in the operation of its business other than those found in standard janitorial and office products, Tenant shall establish and maintain, at its sole cost and expense, a system to assure and monitor continued compliance on the Premises with Environmental Requirements related to Tenant Environmental Activity.
Landlord hereby releases Tenant from any and all claims, demands, debts, liabilities, and causes of action of whatever kind or nature, whether known or unknown or suspected or unsuspected which Landlord may have, claim to have, or which may hereafter accrue against Tenant, arising out of or relating to or in any way connected with the Pre-Existing Environmental Condition, except to the extent related to Tenant Environmental Activity.
With respect to any work undertaken by Landlord to remediate the Premises from the effects of Tenant Environmental Activity pursuant to this Section 13.9, Tenant shall be named as generator of all Hazardous Substances that are disposed of in connection with the remediation, shall sign all manifests and bills of lading and all such Hazardous Substances shall be disposed of using Tenant's hazardous waste generator number.
Tenant hereby agrees that no statute of limitations relating to Tenant Environmental Activity, or any other matter covered by this Article 13 shall commence to run unless and until Landlord obtains actual knowledge of the foregoing in the course of any inspection or assessment conducted by Landlord or by written notice from a governmental agency with jurisdiction over the environmental condition of the Premises (each, a "Triggering Event").