Tenant Consents definition

Tenant Consents means any planning permission, fire safety certificate, disability access certificate or other consents, approvals or licences of an from any competent and Statutory Authorities in relation to the Works; and

Related to Tenant Consents

  • Landlord Waiver means a letter in form and substance reasonably acceptable to the Administrative Agent and executed by a landlord in respect of Inventory of a Loan Party located at any leased premises of a Loan Party pursuant to which such landlord, among other things, waives or subordinates on terms and conditions reasonably acceptable to the Administrative Agent any Lien such landlord may have in respect of such Inventory.

  • Landlord Consent means a Landlord Consent substantially in the form of Exhibit G.

  • Tenant Work All work installed or furnished to the Premises by Tenant in connection with Tenant’s initial occupancy pursuant to Rider 2 and the Workletter.

  • Tenant’s Work means all improvements, alterations, fixture, equipment, and signage installation, and furniture placement necessary or appropriate for the conduct of the Permitted Use, including all work described as Tenant’s Work on Exhibit D, attached (the “Work Letter”).

  • Landlord Work means the work, if any, that Landlord is obligated to perform in the Premises pursuant to a separate agreement (the “Work Letter”), if any, attached to this Lease as Exhibit C.

  • Tenant Lease means any lease entered into by the Borrower, any Loan Party or any Subsidiary with respect to any portion of a Property.

  • Tenant Estoppel Certificate or “Tenant Estoppel Certificates” shall mean certificates to be sought from the tenants under the Leases in substantially the form attached hereto as EXHIBIT “I”; provided, however, if any Lease provides for the form or content of an estoppel certificate from the tenant thereunder, the Tenant Estoppel Certificate with respect to such Lease may be in the form as called for therein.

  • Landlord’s Work means the work of constructing the Tenant Improvements.

  • Tenant Leases means the following pertaining to the Improvements: (i) any and all written leases, rental agreements, occupancy agreements and license agreements, together with any and all guaranties thereof or relating thereto (and any and all written renewals, amendments, modifications, supplements or agreements related thereto) entered into on or prior to the Effective Date, to the extent identified on Exhibit F hereto, (ii) any and all new written leases, rental agreements, occupancy agreements and license agreements, together with any and all guaranties thereof or relating thereto, entered into after the Effective Date, and (iii) any and all new written renewals, amendments, modifications and supplements, together with any and all guaranties thereof or relating thereto, to any of the foregoing entered into after the Effective Date; provided, however, that the documentation referenced in items (ii) and (iii) shall only be deemed “Tenant Leases” to the extent that such documentation is approved by Purchaser in each instance pursuant to Section 7.1(d) to the extent such approval is required under Section 7.1(d). Tenant Leases will not include subleases, franchise agreements or similar occupancy agreements entered into by Tenants which, by their nature, are subject to Tenant Leases.

  • Seller Consents has the meaning set forth in Section 3.03.

  • Landlord Consent and Estoppel means, with respect to any Leasehold Property, a letter, certificate or other instrument in writing from the lessor under the related lease, pursuant to which, among other things, the landlord consents to the granting of a Mortgage on such Leasehold Property by the Credit Party tenant, such Landlord Consent and Estoppel to be in form and substance acceptable to Collateral Agent in its reasonable discretion, but in any event sufficient for Collateral Agent to obtain a Title Policy with respect to such Mortgage.

  • this Tenant Work Letter means the relevant portion of Sections 1 through 6 of this Tenant Work Letter.

  • Subleased Premises means approximately -18;961 rentable square feet on the 141h floor of the Building, as more specifically depicted on Exhibit A attached hereto and made a part hereof. The Subleased Premises include all of the Leased Premises identified in the Prime Lease.

  • Occupancy Permit means a document authorizing the use of a development undertaken in accordance with a development permit issued pursuant to this Land Use Bylaw;

  • Landlord Agreement means an agreement substantially in the form provided by Lender to Borrower or such other form as Lender may agree to accept.

  • Tenant means a person entitled under a rental agreement to occupy a dwelling unit to the exclusion of others.

  • Landlord as used herein shall mean only the owner or owners at the time in question of the premises. In the event of any transfer of such title or interest, Landlord herein named (and in case of any subsequent transfers the then grantor) shall be relieved from and after the date of such transfer of all liabilities as respects Landlord’s obligations thereafter to be performed, provided that any funds in the hands of Landlord or the then grantor at time of such transfer in which Tenant has an interest shall be delivered to the grantee, who shall assume the obligations of Landlord or the then grantor to Tenant with respect to those funds. The obligations contained in this Lease to be performed by Landlord shall, subject to the foregoing provisions of this paragraph 19, be binding on Landlord’s successors and assigns.

  • Required Consents has the meaning set forth in Section 5.5(a).

  • Landlord Liens means liens on or against the Leased Property or any payment of Rent (a) which result from any act of, or any claim against, Landlord or any owner of a direct or indirect interest in the Leased Property (other than the lessor under any ground lease affecting any portion of the Leased Property), or which result from any violation by Landlord of any terms of this Agreement, or (b) which result from liens in favor of any taxing authority by reason of any tax owed by Landlord or any fee owner of a direct or indirect interest in the Leased Property (other than the lessor under any ground lease affecting any portion of the Leased Property); provided, however, that “Landlord Lien” shall not include any lien resulting from any tax for which Tenant is obligated to pay or indemnify Landlord against until such time as Tenant shall have already paid to or on behalf of Landlord the tax or the required indemnity with respect to the same.

  • Subtenant means any Person entitled to occupy, use, or possess any Premises under a Sublease.

  • Tenant Delays means any delay in the completion of the Tenant Improvements resulting from any or all of the following: (a) Tenant's failure to timely perform any of its obligations pursuant to this Work Letter Agreement, including any failure to complete, on or before the due date therefor, any action item which is Tenant's responsibility pursuant to the Work Schedule delivered by Landlord to Tenant pursuant to this Work Letter Agreement; (b) Tenant's changes to Space Plans or Final Plans after Landlord's approval thereof; (c) Tenant's request for materials, finishes, or installations which are not readily available or which are incompatible with the Standards; (d) any delay of Tenant in making payment to Landlord for Tenant's share of the Work Cost; or (e) any other act or failure to act by Tenant, Tenant's employees, agents, architects, independent contractors, consultants and/or any other person performing or required to perform services on behalf of Tenant.

  • Landlord Delay means: (i) any actual delay in the completion of the work Tenant is required to perform hereunder which results from any failure of Landlord to act or provide approvals within five (5) business days; or (ii) the actual delay in the Substantial Completion of Landlord's Work due to any failure of Landlord, its agents, employees or contractors to perform the Base Building work or other work required to be provided by Landlord hereunder in compliance with the terms hereof and in compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations or due to any other acts or omissions of Landlord, or its agents, or employees. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, if Tenant has submitted its Final Design Drawings to Landlord in the form required by Section 2.2 above by the date set forth in Paragraph A of the Construction Schedule, the failure of Contractor's design/build contractors to complete their plans by the date set forth in Paragraph B on the Construction Schedule, for any reason other than a Tenant Delay, shall constitute a Landlord Delay for purposes hereof. Tenant shall provide prompt (within 48 hours of becoming aware of any such delay) written notice to Landlord ("Delay Notice") specifying the action or inaction which Tenant contends constitutes a Landlord Delay hereunder. The period of delay, however, shall commence to run on the date of the action or inaction and not on the date of the Delay Notice.

  • Project Approvals means all approvals, consents, waivers, orders, agreements, authorizations, permits and licenses required under Applicable Laws or under the terms of any restriction, covenant, easement or agreement affecting all or any applicable Phase of the Project, or otherwise necessary or desirable for the ownership, acquisition, construction, development, equipping, use or operation of the Project.

  • Authority’s Premises means any premises occupied by or under the control of the Authority where the Services are to be supplied, as set out in the Specification.

  • Tenant Improvements means all improvements to the Project of a fixed and permanent nature as shown on the TI Construction Drawings, as defined in Section 2(c) below. Other than Landlord’s Work (as defined in Section 3(a) below, Landlord shall not have any obligation whatsoever with respect to the finishing of the Premises for Tenant’s use and occupancy.

  • Space Lease The space or occupancy lease pursuant to which any Borrower holds a leasehold interest in the related Mortgaged Property, together with any estoppels or other agreements executed and delivered by the lessor in favor of the lender under the related Mortgage Loan(s).