Definition of Tenant Caused Delay

Tenant Caused Delay means any delay resulting by reason of any one or more of the following:

Examples of Tenant Caused Delay in a sentence

The estimated Term Commencement Date and Tenant's obligation to pay Basic Annual Rent and Additional Rent under the Lease shall be extended one day for each day of delay in Substantial Completion of the Project Work which results from any cause other than a Tenant-Caused Delay.
Landlord shall use commercially reasonable efforts to Substantially Complete the Project Work within the time periods indicated in the Project Schedule and on or before the estimated Term Commencement Date set forth in Section 24(a) of the Lease as such time is extended one day for each day of delay resulting from a Force-Majeure Delay or Tenant-Caused Delay.
The following shall constitute Tenant-Caused Delay: (i) failure of the Tenant to meet its obligations under the Lease during the time specified; (ii) Tenants or its agents willful or negligent interference with the work being performed by Landlord or its agents; or (iii) Tenants conduct as described in Exhibit B, Section 4(d).
If a Tenant Caused Delay (as that term is defined below) causes the Early Entry Date to be later than the Target Early Entry Date, then for each day that the Early Entry Date is delayed beyond the [***]: Certain information on this page has been omitted and filed separately with the Commission.
The failure of Tenant to approve or reject the Budget or Updated Budget in a timely manner as provided in this Paragraph (c), or any delay resulting from Tenant rejecting the Updated Budget shall be deemed a Tenant Caused Delay.