Definition of Ten Year Certain Installments

Ten Year Certain Installments means one hundred and twenty (120) equal monthly payments that are Actuarially Equivalent to the Participant's 409A Benefit payable in the form of a Whole Life Annuity. If the Participant dies before receiving one hundred and twenty (120) monthly payments, the remaining payments shall continue to be made to the Participant's Beneficiary. (v) Lump Sum

Examples of Ten Year Certain Installments in a sentence

At such time, the Participant shall elect among any one of the following four choices: (1) life annuity (in which case, the Participant shall subsequently be eligible to elect, during the 90-day period ending on his or her Retirement Date, the specific form of annuity from any of the Actuarially Equivalent life annuities then offered under the Plan); (2) Ten-Year Certain Installments; (3) Five-Year Certain Installments; or (4) Lump-Sum.