Definition of Ten Section

Ten Section means the rights described under the Ten Section Lease and that certain Pipeline Right-of-Way Grant, dated April 5, 1994, between and among McFarland Energy, Robert A. Teitsworth, Crescent Investment Company, Birchwood Partners, Avondale Partners, Trio Petroleum, Inc., J. G. Boswell Company and the Company.

Examples of Ten Section in a sentence

Article Ten of the Original Indenture is hereby supplemented, but only in relation to the Notes, by the addition of the following new Section 1010 at the end of Article Ten: Section 1010.
G) By adding the following Section 1010 to Article Ten: Section 1010.
To Seller's Knowledge, all of the Company's rights in respect of gathering lines and the Ten Section are set forth in the Data Room, at Folder 8.01.4.
The Junior Subordinated Indenture is hereby amended by the insertion of the following paragraphs at the end of Article Ten: Section 10.03.
H) By adding the following Section 1011 to Article Ten: Section 1011.