Definition of Temroc Plan

Temroc Plan means the Temroc Metals, Inc. Nonbargaining Unit Employees 401(k) Plan.

Examples of Temroc Plan in a sentence

However, as the Decatur Plan and the Temroc Plan are amended, restated and continued in the form of the Plan, to the extent required by law, the provisions of the Plan, as amended and restated in the form of the Agreement shall apply to the Decatur Plan and the Temroc Plan, as merged into the Plan, on a retroactive basis.
Section 3.01 of the Plan shall be amended to add the following two sentences immediately following the last sentence of such section: Each Employee who is employed by Temroc Metals, Inc. ("Temroc") and was a participant in the Temroc Plan on June 30, 2001 shall be eligible to participate in the Plan on July 2001.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, until July 1, 2001, the only distribution method available for a Participant who was a participant in the Temroc Plan is a lump sum payment.
Until July 1, 2001, this Article VI shall not apply to Participants who were in the Temroc Plan.
The provisions of the Decatur Plan and the Temroc Plan relating to eligibility to participate, service credit for vesting purposes (solely in the case of persons who were participants in the Decatur Plan), allocations of contributions, distributions and loans that were in effect prior to the mergers of such plans into the Plan shall remain in effect until the effective dates of the mergers.