Definition of Temperature Cycling Instrument

Temperature Cycling Instrument shall mean an instrument, whether in single or multiple modules, that includes a Thermal Cycler and additional structure for performing one or more other functions.
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Examples of Temperature Cycling Instrument in a sentence

Payments specified in this Section 3.1(b)-(d) shall be paid as specified in Section 3.4 and 3.5. Each Thermal Cycler and Temperature Cycling Instrument for which those payments are paid shall be an Authorized Thermal Cycler and shall be so designated pursuant to Article 5 hereof.
Thermal Cycler Supplier shall send to the original end-user customers of the Thermal Cyclers or Temperature Cycling Instruments that are the subject of Section 4.1, Authorized Thermal Cycler notices in accord with Sections 5.1, and 5.2 with a means reasonably satisfactory to ABI to relate each such notice to the appropriate Thermal Cycler or Temperature Cycling Instrument.
Thermal Cycler Supplier agrees to include prominently in the front of the users manual for each Authorized Thermal Cycler, and for no other Thermal Cycler or Temperature Cycling Instrument, a notice (Notice) as specified from time to time by ABI.
ABI agrees that there shall be only one payment under each of subsections 3.1(b), 3.1(c) and 3.1(d), for each Thermal Cycler or Temperature Cycling Instrument placed as a no-charge loaner or demonstration instrument.
Thermal Cycler Supplier further agrees to instruct the ultimate purchaser that transfer of the Thermal Cycler or Temperature Cycling Instrument without the Serial Number or the Notice shall automatically terminate the authorization granted by this Agreement and the authorization granted hereunder for or in connection with such product shall expire.