Definition of TelUPay Services

TelUPay Services means services to be provided by TELUPAY in accordance with Section 2 hereof, which shall include Telco Agnostic Mobile Banking System ("MBS"), SMS Information Management System ("SIMS") and Eload services including all updates, patches or enhancements thereto, training, maintenance and support services and other deliverables and information supplied by or on behalf of TELUPAY.

Examples of TelUPay Services in a sentence

TelUPay Services may be installed on 1BRO's server specifically allocated for the operation of the Mobile Wallet System provided that the TelUPay Services are and will remain the property of TelUPay and/or its licensor.
All such facilities that are provided by CARD Bank, CMIT and its Members shall be utilized for the sole purpose of performing the TelUPay Services.
Within fifteen (15) days from the completion of the Pilot Program on the target completion date, CARD Bank shall notify TELUPAY regarding the outcome of the evaluation and shall issue either an Acceptance Certificate signifying CARD Bank's acceptance of the CMIT and TelUPay Services as being compliant with the criteria and standards set and agreed upon by the Parties; or a Notice of Non-Acceptance if it finds that the such criteria and standards were not satisfied or complied with.
RECITALS : TelUPay has agreed to provide and 1BRO has agreed to receive and use the TelUPay Services as a Mobile Wallet System for 1BRO's members ("Network") guided by terms and conditions in this Service Provider Agreement.
In the event that TELUPAY is required to provide the TelUPay Services on-site, CARD Bank and CMIT shall provide TELUPAY and its personnel access to their facilities that may be reasonably required by TELUPAY for the latter to provide the TelUPay Services, including but not limited to computing resources, clerical support and reprographic facilities.