Definition of TELUPAY Mobile Banking Solution

TELUPAY Mobile Banking Solution means the mobile banking technology to be utilized by the SERVICE PROVIDER to include: (1) those associated technology, trade secrets, copyrighted works, reference source code implementations, proprietary technology, shared secret keys, encryption and decryption keys, software development tools, methodologies, processes, technologies or algorithms, test data sets and test cases, technical, consumer and corporate applications, and other implementations and derivations of technology; (2) those platform used for TELUPAY's mobile banking and internet banking architecture for SMS, voice prompt, mobile WAP, Interbank network ("TLink") and Internet banking applications, including, but not limited to, account inquiries, account transfers, bill payments, money transfers (both domestic and international), mPayments (payments of products and services made at commercial POS terminals and through mobile merchant accounts), and TLink services including domestic Interbank transactions, text alerts, email receipts, ATM encashment service, ATM enrollment service, TCash ATM transfer service, TMAP, TELUPAY mobile advertising platform, TELUPAY-customized corporate applications, Mobile Lotto technologies, or any other product or service offered as part of TELUPAY Mobile Banking Service including, without limitation, SERVICE PROVIDER's licensed patents, copyrights and licensed proprietary technology.
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Examples of TELUPAY Mobile Banking Solution in a sentence

As between SERVICE PROVIDER and CLIENT, any and all of the TELUPAY System, TELUPAY Mobile Banking Solution, TELUPAY Mobile Banking Services, TELUPAY Software, and the TELUPAY Documentation, including the SERVICE PROVIDER's business operations (collectively referred hereafter as "TELUPAY Confidential Information") are confidential and proprietary to SERVICE PROVIDER and/or its licensor, Telupay (M.E) FZE.
No technical failure shall be recognized as a technical failure of the TELUPAY Software or the TELUPAY Mobile Banking Solution if such failure is caused in whole or in part by CLIENT or third-party supplied hardware, software, and/or third party services, or when CLIENT fails to comply with its obligations under Clause 9.1 or when the Equipment fails to meet the Recommended System Requirements.
All Intellectual Property Rights and trade secrets on the TELUPAY Mobile Banking Solution shall solely be and shall solely remain the property of SERVICE PROVIDER and/or its licensor, Telupay (M.E) FZE and the CLIENT shall have no rights or interest in such TELUPAY Mobile Banking Solution and all other technology, services, or know-how that Telupay (M.E) FZE and the SERVICE PROVIDER owns and operates other than the rights granted to the CLIENT under this Agreement.