Definition of TELUPAY Mobile Banking Services

TELUPAY Mobile Banking Services means installation, operation, implementation, provision, maintenance, customization, and all other support services for mobile banking services of the CLIENT including services for account inquiries, account transfers, bill payments, money transfers domestic), mPayments (payments of products and services made at commercial POS terminals and through mobile merchant accounts), and TLink services including domestic Interbank transactions, text alerts, email receipts, ATM encashment service, ATM enrollment service, T-Cash ATM transfer service or any other service offered as part of TELUPAY Mobile Banking Services. Wherever appropriate, the TELUPAY Mobile Banking Services shall specifically refer to the specific Services described and defined in this Agreement and in the Service Level Agreement, and the respective Annexes thereof.

Examples of TELUPAY Mobile Banking Services in a sentence

As between SERVICE PROVIDER and CLIENT, any and all of the TELUPAY System, TELUPAY Mobile Banking Solution, TELUPAY Mobile Banking Services, TELUPAY Software, and the TELUPAY Documentation, including the SERVICE PROVIDER's business operations (collectively referred hereafter as "TELUPAY Confidential Information") are confidential and proprietary to SERVICE PROVIDER and/or its licensor, Telupay (M.E) FZE.